Size: 8 ½” x 11” Page Count: 47 pages Lesson Span: 6 Weeks, with memory verses.


Dear parent, I hope you and your child truly enjoy and are blessed by these brief devotions. Moments with God is designed to draw you and your child closer together as you discuss the wonderful spiritual truths of knowing God and His Word. You will find these daily moments some of the most rewarding and meaningful times as you build God-centered memories with your child. My prayer is that Moments with God will have an immeasurable impact upon your family as you “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8). As a child, I was trained with numerous rules and regulations; I was taught not to steal, lie, cheat, and so forth. While these rules are extremely important, obeying these rules did not turn my life around. In fact, it wasn’t until I began to see God in all His splendor and taste and see how good He is that my life began to change. After experiencing the intimacy of knowing and loving God, nothing has ever been the same! These daily stories are designed to facilitate you in teaching your child the importance of God and His Word. Thus, this book is designed as a tool to introduce your child to a love relationship with Him. I pray that God will use these daily moments to place a renewed thirst for Him within your entire family. Through these Bible verses and short stories that follow, I ask God to create within you and your family a hunger for Christ that continually increases throughout your life. At the end of this book, suggestions and guidance are provided to assist you in sharing the Gospel with your child. In the power of the Holy Spirit, God can use these family moments to draw your child into an intimate walk with Him. Furthermore, these next six weeks can begin a lifestyle of daily talking with the only One who can satisfy humanity’s deepest need. My desire is for your child to grow spiritually and discover the excitement of tasting God’s goodness each and every day.

How to use these “Moments”

Moments with God is designed to briefly touch on truths about God. Each day begins with a review of a weekly memory verse so your child will begin to hide God’s Word in his or her heart. Next, you will have a Scripture and a short devotion to read, which is designed to teach your child about God and His plan. Finally, included are practical ways in which to respond to what you have read: Questions to engage your child with the truths of the lesson; a Prayer Starter that helps your child begin prayer in relation to a lesson; and a suggested Learning Activity to help your child develop a deeper understanding of the biblical truth that has been presented. My hope is that these family learning activities allow you to have fun together as you spend quality time focusing on the things of God. The family plays a powerful role in the development of your child. The old adage is true, “The family who prays and plays together, stays together!” Spend time with your child in the Word. Let her or him see and hear Christ’s love through these special Moments with God. As you introduce your child to God and His righteousness each day of the week, ask Him for guidance. Pray specifically for your child. Make sure your time with your child impacts him or her for the glory of God!  

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