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This unique four color 15 page effective evangelistic tool seeks to give a full picture of God’s redemptive plan starting with Abraham and includes the need for repentance and surrendering every part of a person’s life to God’s control.

Contents include:
• Explaining the difference between Christianity and other religions
• Shows how people can be confident that the Bible is God’s Word
• Explains how sin separates people from God and graphically depicts the reality of hell
• Begins with Abraham, showing how the Jewish nation started
• Moves to Moses and explains how each household had to sacrifice an unblemished lamb and put blood on their doorposts to be spared the judgment of God
• Explains how the Jewish priests would sacrifice an unblemished lamb to cover the people’s sin
• Demonstrates how people’s good works will not get them to heaven
• Explains how Jesus’ death on the cross paid the penalty for the sins of people throughout the ages
• Shows how Jesus is the only way to eternal life
• Explains the difference between knowing about Jesus and God and actually receiving Christ into their life as Lord and Savior
• Gives a sample prayer for salvation
• Explains the steps a new Christian needs to take after they have received Christ as their personal Savior