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    Knowing God Evangelistic Booklet (10 Booklets per Pack)

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      This unique four color 15 page effective evangelistic tool seeks to give a full picture of God’s redemptive plan starting with Abraham and includes the need for repentance and surrendering every part of a person’s life to God’s control. Contents include: • Explaining the difference between Christianity and other religions • Shows how people can be confident that the Bible is God’s Word • Explains how sin separates people from God and graphically depicts the reality of hell • Begins with Abraham, showing how the Jewish nation started • Moves to Moses and explains how each household had to sacrifice an unblemished lamb and put blood on their doorposts to be spared the judgment of God • Explains how the Jewish priests would sacrifice an unblemished lamb to cover the people’s sin • Demonstrates how people’s good works will not get them to heaven • Explains how Jesus’ death on the cross paid the penalty for the sins of people throughout the ages • Shows how Jesus is the only way to eternal life • Explains the difference between knowing about Jesus and God and actually receiving Christ into their life as Lord and Savior • Gives a sample prayer for salvation • Explains the steps a new Christian needs to take after they have received Christ as their personal Savior
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    Evangelistic New Testament

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    Size:  5 ½” x 8 ½” Page Count:  418 pages Paper Quality:  90 GSM Cover:  250 GSM Paper Back Binding:  US/Finland Patented Smyth/Otabind Lay Flat Binding I think we would agree that God’s Word is the most important book published in the entire world.  But, it’s ironic that the most important book in the world is sometimes printed on the cheapest paper, with poor quality binding, and in print that requires a magnifying glass to read. In response to these concerns, we have printed a high quality NASB New Testament with special patents from the United States and Finland called Smyth/Otabind binding which allows these New Testaments to lay completely flat on a table or in your lap. This revolutionary design enables you to open the Bible completely backwards against the spine.  We have also used an easy to read 11 point font.  And in order to make reading for seekers more appealing - we have formatted the verses in easy to read paragraph form with single column page layout.  We are confident that you will be pleased and proud to give this Bible to a non-Christian to help God germinate their spiritual seed and become a child of God - or give as a gift for a new believer. We think you’ll also appreciate the fact that the first 20 pages of this New Testament are devoted to explaining the gospel of salvation.
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    Matthew Small Group Leader’s Guide

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    Pages:  302 Page Size:  6 3/8” x 9 ¼” Binding:  US Patented/Finland Patented Lay Flat Smyth/Otabind Binding Cover:  Leather Page Edges:  Gold We believe that this is, to our knowledge, the most user friendly small group Bible leader’s guide in print. The small group leader simply asks their members to read several verses from their Bible (their student’s guide is simply their own Bible). When the leader arrives at an unshaded box, they simply deliver the teaching point or discussion question.  When they come to a shaded box, it is the author telling them an answer to a discussion question - or directing them what to do.  For example:  Page 15 - Matthew 1:5. After reviewing this book - we think you will agree how revolutionary the layout is - and how easy it would be to lead your group through the book of Matthew.

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